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Is Your Medical Practice at RISK? Ensure Compliance and Security with Our Expert IT Solutions!

Specialized IT Solutions for Healthcare Industries

Here at CISPOINT, we will help you navigate the ever-evolving healthcare industry. Everything from HIPAA compliancy to data protection, we’ve got you covered.

IT For Healthcare

CISPOINT Health IT Services: Streamlining Medical Technology for Your Practice

Navigating medical technology, from electronic medical records (EMR) and telehealth services to mobile devices, can be challenging for healthcare practices of any size. Ensuring you have the right technology is crucial as it directly affects the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care. At CISPOINT, our Health IT Services are designed to meet the unique needs of your practice, easing the challenges of high costs, complexity, and compliance requirements. Our clientele ranges from specialist offices and clinics to medical centers and hospitals. We provide a broad spectrum of services, including end-user support, server installations, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions. Understanding the healthcare industry's demands, we deliver swift responses and proactively address potential issues to keep your operations running smoothly.

WE UNDERSTAND the unique challenges and requirements healthcare professionals face with their IT and cyber systems, ensuring our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of the healthcare industry. CISPOINT is one of Maryland's leading healthcare IT providers, specializing in compliance and data protection.

We offer tailored IT solutions to ensure your practice meets regulatory standards and safeguards sensitive patient information with the highest level of security.

Ensure Your Healthcare Practice’s Safety with Our Expert IT Solutions

Specializing In Cybersecurity, Compliance, and Data Protection for Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, and Urgent Care Centers

Industry Expertise: With extensive experience in the healthcare field, we understand the workflows, software, and specific IT needs of healthcare practices.

Customized Solutions: We offer tailored IT solutions that enhance the efficiency and security of your practice, from patient record management to appointment scheduling and billing systems.

Regulatory Compliance: We ensure your IT infrastructure complies with HIPAA and other relevant healthcare regulations, protecting patient information and ensuring your practice avoids costly fines.

Proactive Support: Our proactive IT support and monitoring services prevent issues before they arise, minimizing downtime and ensuring your practice runs smoothly.

Key Services We Offer

EMR/EHR Support & Integration: With extensive experience in the healthcare field, we understand the workflows, software, and specific IT needs of healthcare practices.

Data Security & Backup Solutions: Protect patient data with our advanced security measures and reliable backup solutions, ensuring data integrity and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Network and Infrastructure Management: We design, implement, and manage secure and efficient networks tailored to the needs of healthcare practices.

IT Consulting and Strategy: Our experts provide strategic IT consulting to help you leverage technology for growth and improved patient care.

Compliance With Regulatory Standards

We ensure your practice meets all relevant regulatory standards, including:

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act): We implement strict data protection measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient information.

HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act): Our solutions comply with HITECH regulations, promoting the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology.

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard): For practices that handle credit card transactions, we ensure compliance with PCI DSS to protect against data breaches and fraud.

Why Compliance Matters

Staying compliant with healthcare regulations is CRUCIAL for protecting your patient's sensitive information and maintaining the trust and reputation of your practice. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties and damage to your practice’s credibility. We take the burden of compliance off your shoulders, so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

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